Who Survives 2015 ?

(Entering into 2016 and what we saw in 2015,this piece is revisiting the year’s a few top headlines that mattered the most)
“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next  years words await another voice and to make an end is to make a beginning”,this quote penned by T.S. Eliot strikes my mind whenever I am on verge of the beginning of a new year.Although the changing of years is merely a change of numbers or the dates of a paper calendar that can no longer transit people across the mindsets.But I believe that,at times,these simple numbers become magical and bring about psychological revolutions of varying intensities.The year 2015 seemed to be much about grief and many first-chances,campared to the year preceding and maybe the year succeeding it.Last year,2015,Terrorism not only made it to the list of headlines but also topped the list predominantly with a huge margin.Let’s have a brief review of the-2015 happenings that mattered the most for the inhabitants of this part of the space ;
with the rise of this so called ‘the Islamic State’,the middle eastern part and its adjoining parts seemed to succumb to it earlier the year 2015.However the coalition antidote worked alot and air strikes shook them down to a larger extent.The coalition between the United States and Russia against the terrorism remained the most optimistic part with a pessimistic situation arising over the Syria strategy in this whole story.
Syrian uprisings and Iraqi regime overthrow lead to the worst ever refugee crisis.Adding to their pain,many ofthe European & western countries catched the Xenophobia virus.Charlie Hebdo,Paris attacks in France and A.P.S. killings in Pakistan left the world still and perplexed.
the year 2015 saw two of the oldest civilizations undergoing worst economic crisis.While European Union was always there to negotiate and ultimately take care of its ally,China had to stand against this storm singly.Earlier China made headlines after investment  $54b on CPEC project in Pakistan and even after the crisis they stood by their African investment.
with 195 members supporting the cause,the nations took the holy ought to limit the temperature rise to 2`degree centigrade.This could be a turning point in the environmental campaign,run since long.Despite the deadly attacks,the conference was peacefully held in Paris which in itself is an indication of the unified fight against the atmospheric crisis.
the health sector was bestowed with a must-have gene edition technology known as CSIPR which is now more efficient and precise than ever.Many of the world’s top academies protested its open and excessive use and demanded care and limits.At the end of the day,it is understood that it’s a blessing out of nowhere.
Triumphant Australia’s year was put to heights when they emerged victorious after beating their counterpart New Zealand with a huge margin.They lifted the trophy of which every ICC member nation dreams for every four years.Last time this trophy was lifted by India in 2011.
Whatever,time is time and good times and bad times is just a psychological approach to understand it.It’s up to a man how he defines the time by acting in the same way.Let’s hope that 2016 be in real terms a Happy New Year!
Sri Pratap College,Srinagar
Twitter : @naik_tweets

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